Saket and Lozi contracting Co. has been established as a Jordanian contracting  company since 1992. From day one, we have been delivering first class projects for our customers.  We pride ourselves in achieving high standards with our flawless attention to detail.  Our time effective delivery of projects has earned us a reputation of surpassing the expectations of our clients.

Our primary focus as established leaders in the contracting business is to provide enhanced services and profitability with the aid of the backbone of our company, a team covering managerial, technical, and operational positions.
Our team members’ hands-on-experience enables us to establish an excellent  knowledge of our projects and provide quality services to please our valued clients.In Saket and Lozi Co.
 we have access to resources that specialize in all aspects of civil, electrical, mechanical and road works. Furthermore, we are experienced in providing high quality services and products in all aspects of décor and furnishing, plus renewable energy.  Our accomplishments are based on providing solutions to optimize operations by lowering cost and reducing execution time.  Our success story depends on accurately meeting the requirements of the end users while being dedicated to execute a vision of state of the art technology and innovation skills.  We proudly continue to develop a strong base of key customers.


• Safety and Security:
Our commitment to safety is how we positioned ourselves as one of the leading contracting companies in Jordan. People are our greatest resource and most valuable asset and we value their safety above all else. This goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to provide a safe and healthy work environment and ensure the safety of our staff throughout each and every phase. At Saket and Lozi, safety culture is extended from top management to each employee in the company, through conducting continuous safety audits. This helps us conduct operations in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

• Human Resource Development (HRD):
Our employees are regularly assessed on their qualifications and skills. In addition, they are provided with any training needed to ensure optimal performance in their assigned responsibilities. By being equipped with the necessary knowledge, they receive guidance and continuous support to enable them to advance in their career paths.

• Quality Control:
We have set quality control procedures compatible with national and international standards, which we firmly adhere to. The standards we set are also followed by our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure the overall integrity of performance.

• Customer First:
Since our customers are the top priority of our business, we work hard to meet and even surpass their expectations in every step we make. We believe that understanding the needs and expectations of our clients is what enables us to offer them exactly what they want.



Civil Works

Our company carries out all forms of civil work by offering diverse construction services, including, but not limited to: heavy civil construction and infrastructure, general contracting, commercial and industrial facilities construction, site improvement and utilities projects. We possess capabilities in numerous diverse disciplines and developed a reputation for completing projects on time and within budget constraints.

Electromechanical Works

We undertake electromechanical projects for a diverse array of facilities from commercial buildings to high rise structures. The company is actively working on projects in Electrical, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems. With our Electro-Mechanical solutions to provide fast response, cost saving, low maintenance cost, and longer operating life of all project conditions and requirements.

Road works & Paving

Road engineering is considered a complex discipline, where road safety, environmental and socio-economic issues are just as important as technical design and construction, This is why we pride ourselves in being specialists not only in asphalt and concrete paving, but we are also experienced in road construction and maintenance. We also perform the majority of the associated works such as water mains, sewers, culverts, earthworks, concrete sidewalks, and curb & gutter formation.

Decor & Furnishing

Our expertise extends to both interior and exterior works, as we pull together all the design elements of the project from the initial concept with architects to the final image.



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